Autumn Auction was a great success! See you in March!


  • Direct access to Greater China market, with the biggest concentration of Chinese collectors, who are paying top dollar for Chinese materials, from Classic to modern.
  • Buying and selling inside China is constrained by strict import/export control as well as strict forex control.
  • Hong Kong has no import/export control on philatelic properties as well as no forex control. There is no sales or value-added taxes. A token 0.5% tax is imposed upon foreign vendors.
  • Our principals are serious collectors, winning top awards in international exhibitions, office-bearers in philatelic societies, writers and editors in philatelic journals, with worldwide relationships and acceptance.
  • Combining both knowledge and respect for the material, we treat your materials with the care and passion like our own, rather than merely as a commodity.
  • Meticulous lotting for maximum realizations.
  • Extensive promotion and advertising of auctions as well as visibility and placement on the leading independent stamp auction platforms for worldwide coverage and exposure.
  • The market leader in the high-end Chinese philatelic materials, we can advise you on your collecting investment and exit strategies.


  • Public auctions in Hong Kong, with real-time on-line bidding.
  • Professionally researched catalogues, with appropriate single-vendor catalogues.
  • Experienced, respected expert teams.
  • Experienced client support team that you have known for years.
  • Inaugural auction in July 2022 with record-breaking results. Next auction Autumn 2023!

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