Autumn Auction was a great success! See you in March!

Inaugural Auction—Special Features 香港首拍 拍品介紹

Our 1942 DR. SUN YAT-SEN CENTRAL TRUST PRINT 16 CENT OVERPRINTS & SURCHARGES Special Sales will be conducted in the afternoon of 2 July 2022. The Chinese Post ordered in October 1942 the 16c stamps (for domestic postage) overprinted locally “Surcharge for Domestic Postage Paid” and sold for $1.16 (the original 16c face value plus a $1 domestic mail surcharge). The resulting outrage from a public already suffering from rampant inflation forced the post office to back down and reduce the domestic tariff increase to 50c. This die proof of stamp denominated at $1.16 was therefore never approved.


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