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Meet our Operation Manager! 認識我們的營運經理

Sandy Tsui. Migrated to Toronto, Canada in the 80s and returned to Hong Kong in 1992. Since then, she joined the John Bull Auctions and has been in the industry for over 30 years.

• Specialized in Customer Service, Auction Catalogues Publication, Stamp Products Promotion, Stamp and Coin Auctions Preparation and Hosting

• Extensive experience in collecting consignments from overseas

• Represented the company to participate in International Stamp Exhibitions, such as Beijing, Luoyang, Wuhan, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore

• Assisted the U.S. headquarters in hosting Coin and Wine Auctions


• 主責客户服務、出版拍賣目錄、郵品推廣、籌備及主辦郵票及錢幣拍賣會

• 曾多次到海外收取委托拍賣品

• 經常代表公司參與海外國際郵票展覽,如北京、洛陽、武漢、日本、台灣、泰國、星加坡

• 曾協助美國總公司主辦錢幣及紅酒拍賣會

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