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Hankow 漢口關

Hankow 漢口關

Hankow – right in the central China. Producing tea bricks that was popular in Mongolia, Siberia and beyond, therefore there were many Russian tea merchants here, and a Russian post office serving their needs.

  • 1879: 漢口關啟用海關日戳
  • 本拍賣包括兩件大龍時期(1881年)的現金封。
  • 紅印花封。
  • IPO之前,用海關日戳蓋銷外票的實寄封。
  • 本次拍賣共有漢口關及轉型為國家郵政的郵件8件。
  • 俄羅斯客郵局第二最早的實寄封。

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