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Special Features: The finest of 3 Chefoo Large Dragon covers to overseas | 拍品介紹: 煙台寄國外大龍封

【Special Features: Large Dragon】

1885 Chefoo French combination,  1885 (20 Apr) Chefoo to London. Cover bearing on reverse 1883 Large Dragon, thick paper, clean-cut perf, 1ca green, Setting V, horizontal strip of three [position 11-19-20] and single + 5ca lemon-yellow, cancelled by Chefoo killer seal in black, matching ’Customs Chefoo’ cds alongside. Transit ‘Customs Shanghai’ (23 Apr) also tied to 5ca stamp. In combination with France 25c bistre on straw (creased), cancelled by ‘Shang-hai/Chine’ cds (24 Apr). One 1ca stamp [pos.20] is crossed by filing fold and has a defective corner. A fine and exceptional franking paying for the 9 candarins overseas rate. By far the finest of only 3 Large Dragon covers recorded to an overseas destination. 
Provenance: H.B.R.Clark, Dr Warren G Kauder, James Huang, Chen Sun-Sing, James B Whang, Wen Sun Kong. Large Dragons, p.473

Realized: HK$576,000



成交價: HK$576,000

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