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Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: Customs Jenchuan

【Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: Customs Jenchuan

1897. Jenchuan (14 Dec) to Shanghai. E Meyer cover affixed with a 5ca Small Dragon, tied by Customs Jenchuan cds, with another on reverse. Transit Chefoo with Dollar chop (16/17 Dec) to arrive Shanghai Local Post (19 Dec). Only 3 covers used in Korea are known with single franking of 5ca.

Meyer & Co. was established 1866 in Hong Kong by Hamburg merchants Hermann Constantin Eduaro Meyer (1841-1926) and his brother H. D. Johannes Meyer. In 1873 they opened a branch in Tientsin under Meyers business partner, Carl Andreas Wolter (1858-1916). More branchers followed at Hamburg (1877), London (1883), Shanghai, Hankow, Antung, Tsinan and Tsingtao, also in Korea where Wolter became manager in charge: Chemulpo (1884), Pusan (1886) etc. The Chinese name of the company was “Shi Chang Yang Hong”. E. Meyer was honorary Korean Consul in Hamburg, Germany 1886-1906. The Meyer company exists in Hamburg until today.



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