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Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: The Finest Perf. 12½ 4c. Cover

【Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: The Finest Perf. 12½ 4c. Cover

1870 (23 Aug.) entire from Canton to Lyon, France (9.10) “per Mess. Imp. Str/via Marseilles” bearing 1863-71 perf. 12½ 4c. slate (some slight toning at right) and 12c. pale greenish blue, paying the 16c. rate to France. Both tied “B62”, with matching “Hong Kong/C” c.d.s. (25.8) on reverse, showing on front framed “P.D.” and red “P.P.” h.s. “Poss.An.V Suez /Amb.Marseille” octagonal d.s. in red (8.10) and “Carlowitz & Co.” sender’s h.s. Very fine. An outstanding and important cover. S.G.9e,12.

This is the only recorded use of the perf.12½ 4c. from Canton and the second earliest of the eleven covers and part covers recorded by Air Commodore R.N. Gurevitch, A.O. Universally acknowledged to be the finest cover extant with the perf.12½ 4c.


1870年8月23日郵簡封套,自廣州寄法國里昂,貼香港維多利亞女皇像4仙及12仙,銷B62殺手戳,旁帶“per Mess. Imp. Str./via Marseilles”字樣、“8”郵資字樣、橢圓形“CARLOWITZ & CO / CANTON”戳記、“P.P.”戳記、帶框“P.D.”戳記及蘇伊士 / 馬賽中轉戳(8 OCT 70)。背面蓋有香港始發日戳(AU 25 70)及里昂到達戳(9 OCT)。這是寄自廣州並貼有12-1/2齒孔4仙(楊目9e)的孤例,其日期亦是Richard Norman Gurevitch所記錄的11枚信封例子(詳見《Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives, Vol. 1》第119頁)中的第二早者。貼有12-1/2齒孔4仙的最佳實寄封例子。

源流 Provenance: “Antonia”, Mizuhara Meiso. Interasia Auctions Limited Hong Kong July 18-20, 2015, lot 3475.

證書 B.P.A. certificate, 1995.

參考 Reference: Air Commodore R.N.Gurevitch, Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives, Vol.1, p.119. Illustrated.

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