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Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: “Overweg & Co.Tea Market Report” from Foochow to St. Petersburg, Russia

【Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features】

1864 (5 May) printed “Overweg & Co.Tea Market Report” from Foochow to St. Petersburg, Russia “via Trieste” bearing 4c. grey, crisply cancelled and tied “B62” in blue, showing “Berlin Post-Exp 11/Anhalt Banh” frame transit d.s. (30.6) on reverse, rare handstruck“1”(1 silver groshen, applied in Trieste), rated “2” (pence) w“14” (kopecks) manuscript charge on reverse, very fine and attractive, a remarkable usage to an extraordinary destination, believed to be the earliest Treaty Port cover to Russia and the earliest known Treaty Port printed matter usage paid by an adhesive,also the earliest recorded 4c. single franking as well as the earliest known use of the 1863-71 4c. outside of Asia (one earlier to India), an important exhibition item to a rare, major destination in outstanding condition. Interasia, 25 September 2011, lot 2687.


1864年5月5日印刷品《Overweg & Co. Tea Market Report》,自福州寄俄國聖彼得堡,貼香港維多利亞女皇像4仙(第二組CC水印;楊目9),貼B62殺手戳,旁帶“via Trieste”字樣、手蓋“1”(銀格羅申,於的里雅斯特蓋上)、手寫“2”(便士)及“14”(戈比)郵資字樣。背面蓋有柏林安哈爾特火車站中轉戳(30/6 64)。貼票精彩、目的地稀罕難得,此例具有多重郵政史意義,包括﹕相信是最早的商埠寄俄國封、最早以貼票支付郵資的商埠印刷品例子、最早的單貼4仙例子及最早的香港維多利亞女皇像第二組票寄亞洲以外的例子。意義非凡、極具收藏價值的郵展級別藏品。

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