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Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: Customs Newchwang

【Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: Customs Newchwang】

1896 (2 Apr.) Chefoo Local Post 1/2c. postal stationery card used as a formular card to Fredericia, Denmark (16.5) bearing 2c green,  tied by Newchwang seal, matching “Customs/Newchwang” double-ring origin d.s. and “Customs/Shanghai” double-ring transit d.s. (7.4) alongside, in combination with Germany 5pf. (2) cancelled by “Shanghai” c.d.s. (10.4), the 2ca. stamp defective at top left, fine and immensely rare 2 candarins postcard rate. Chan 23. 
One of only two postcards recorded from Newchwang paying the 2 candarins postcard rate. Both postcards are from the same correspondence, and the other is dated 4 April 1986. According to records, there are only seven postcards recorded bearing the Dowager 2 candarins paying this rate. The 2 candarins postcard rate was in effect from 20 March 1882 until 16 December 1896. 
Reference: Robert Kong, “Research on the Postage for Postcards during the Customs Period”, China Society Review (Taipei, 2009) pp 193-209.

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