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Autumn 2022 Sales Special Features: Hong Kong Post Stationary Formula Cards|秋拍拍品介紹:香港郵資明信片

【Hong Kong Post Stationary Formula Cards】

1883 (Feb 22) Hong Kong formula card f.w. QV surch 3c on 16c (Yang P1a; white card with red printing), from Hong Kong to Paris, tied by Hong Kong originating c.d.s. (FE 22 83), along with circular “9/17” postmark and multiple Paris arrival c.d.s. in red and black (AVRIL 83).


1883年2月22日香港明信片貼維多利亞女皇像16仙改3仙(楊目P1a;白卡紅字),自香港寄巴黎,銷香港始發日戳(FE 22 83),旁蓋圓形“9/17”戳記及多枚巴黎到達戳(AVRIL 83)。

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