Summer Auction was a great success! See you in November!


Finally, we are saying good-bye to the strict Covid travel restrictions in Hong Kong and China mainland. The Ava Spring 2023 is our first auction held free of quarantine. We promise you a treat!

This session of Hermitage Collection sales focus on ICP Coiling Dragon and Dollar Daters. There are the only recorded first day commercial usage of the First Print of Postal Stationary Card, the historic usage of the Remittance Certificate No.1, as well as over a hundred covers bearing the Dollar Daters on offer. Others rarities on offer are Large Dragon covers, notably one in combination with the first day of opening of the German post office in Shanghai, as well as the transition from the Customs Post to the Imperial Post in Peking, Tientsin and Shanghai.

In the General Catalog, there are other rarities of Customs and Imperial Post including two more Large Dragon covers and the second earliest transitional ‘Paid’ cachet of Peking, as well as an array of I.P.O. tie-prints.

Rarities of Chinese Imperial Post in Tibet include the 1c inverted surcharge, commercially used PSC, overland post route, and Chabdo covers. Tibet Local Post include proofs and bisects. Gartok and military covers of 1950s are also represented.

Rarities including Szemao Customs, Laokay A and Mongtsz B grace the Yunnan Specialized Sales. There are choice selection of early covers taking Burma and Indo-China routes, Longchow, military and peaceful liberation covers.

We were the first to conduct a specialized sales of Hong Kong Bay Area Classics. Many famous items with good provenance were offered. This time, we follow up with heavyweights including the earliest Penny Black cover originated from China, Macao Boat Office 25c cover and many others. The Macao King Luis Specialized Sales also has many varieties and unusual materials.

Back to the General Catalog, our Hong Kong offering includes rare proofs of revenue stamps, our PRC offering include a mint block of four set C3 Northeast China Original Print with inscriptions on bottom margins, and the corner set of the un-issued C20 with full margins. Charismatic indeed.

Would these temptations set you to quarantine-free Hong Kong? We are delighted to extend our invitation to you and hope to see you in our upcoming auction!









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