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Spring 2023 Sales Special Features: China Custom Mail | 春拍拍品介紹:中國海關郵政

【China Custom Mail】

The last item (figure 4) was sent from Tientsin to Shanghai via the Customs Post. The sender mailed it from Tientsin on August 18, 1886 after the “Oder” had docked on the 16th. He marked it for German Mail. It was a double rate letter asshown by the two 20 pfenning German stamps. They are clearly cancelled on August 28th. The double rate of 18 Candereenspaid the Customs postage from Tientsin to Shanghai. It took 5 days to get from Tientsin to Shanghai. CustomsCancels from Tientsin and Shanghai tie the block of 6 three candereen stamps. A Tientsin seal cancels the 6 stamps. Sinceno German stamps were available outside of Shanghai, the sender could not affix German stamps on the cover. The Germanstamps were put on by arrangement between the Customs Post and the German Post. This cover was acquired by a Germancollector more than 50 years ago. It has been sold privately through most of its life. 



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