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Spring 2023 Sales Special Features: China Imperial Post | 春拍拍品介紹:大清郵政

【China Imperial Post】

1898 (1 Jan) Remittance certificate of Imperial Post, f.w. Litho Dragon $2 in vertical pair for remittance and 4c in vertical pair for fee. Latter tied by Peking dollar cds in blue, with inverted “N” at “JAN” variety. With B.P.A. certificate. 


1898.1.1 大清郵政匯銀執據一份,分別貼日本蟠龍2元直雙連作匯銀款項及4分直雙連作匯銀費用。後者銷北京藍色大圓戳,月份”JAN”帶倒”N”變異。附B.P.A.保真證書。 

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