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Spring 2023 Sales Special Features: China PRC | 春拍拍品介紹:新中國珍郵

【China PRC】

1952 (7 Nov) 35th anniversary of the Russian Revolution unissued set of four $800 (C20), with additional “Soviet” characters in inscription. Corner copies with clean and wide margins on both sides. Crisp colors, excellent centering, extremely fine and wonderfully fresh unused without gum as prepared. A truly exquisite set of this popular error.


1952.11.7 紀20. 偉大的蘇聯十月革命35周年紀念,全套四枚新票。因爲蘇聯要到1922年方才成立,正式發行時去掉“蘇聯”二字,原版未發行,僅有少量流出,是有名的新中國珍郵。本套四枚均位於邊角,邊紙、邊綫齊全規整,其特點是斯大林頭上有油墨小點,無折痕,無膠如新。當年非極有身份人士,何以可得此精選配套?

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