Autumn Auction was a great success! See you in March!


Ava Summer Seduction! 

In our last three auctions, Ava Auctions have consistently achieved the highest sales records in Chinese postal history, set new records for individual lots, and attracted an increasing number of high-end items to Ava, creating a more convenient, efficient, and professional platform for vendors and collectors alike.  

Ava summer auction, which will be held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong on July 8-9, 2023, has many exciting offerings. May I take you through some of these? Firstly, having expanded from three volumes of auction catalog to five, it will be expanded further to six or seven, covering a wider range of postal items and providing collectors with more choices. The catalogs are: 

  • The Large and Small dragons
  • The First Republic: Chinese commemoratives, 1912-1929
  • Japanese-occupied China
  • Foreign and Local Post Offices in Shanghai
  • Hong Kong, Macao, Canton, Siam & Foreign
  • Imperial, Republican & New China in one or two volumes

This session of the extraordinary Hermitage Collection sales is dedicated to the Large and Small Dragons. The first Customs Post marking will begin the first day of the auction. No doubt the star is the only known Large Dragon cover taking the winter route with Chinkiang transit, followed by combination covers bearing Large and Small Dragons, as well as Small Dragons and Empress Dowager, of which only a few are known to exist. There are also choice selection of Large Dragon essays, proofs and large multiples as well as rare cancellations. 

The Commemoratives of China features a complete set of the famous unissued commemoratives depicting the Map of China, as well as essays and proofs, mint stamps and their usages from the first issue of the Republic of China to the Northern Expedition unification. Together they retell the turbulent history of that period. On the other hand, the Japanese-occupied China session reflects the humiliating past through usage of stamps issued by puppet regimes set up by the Japanese occupiers during WWII. 

The second day’s Shanghai Post and Shanghai local post offices session consists of earliest postmarks of the foreign post offices in China, including the famous “Large Crown” and the rarer “Shanghai Paid” postmark of the British. Other examples includes the first year stamped and unstamped usage of the French Post in 1863, first-year use of the Japanese Post, first-year use of the German Post, first-year use of the Russian Post, and rare items abound. Shanghai Local Post was established in 1863. The first postmark used was engraved with “SHANGHAI / LOCAL / POST OFFICE”. There were only 2 examples recorded. This is illustrated here was not previously recorded and earlier. Another item is an envelope mailed from Chinkiang to Shanghai on March 4, 1879, one of the earliest combination covers of the Customs Large Dragon with Shanghai Local Post Offices, also the earliest Large Dragon cover of Chinkiang, and the earliest mailed envelope using 3-candarin inland postage. Other covers of the Local Post also deserve attention! It is a unique opportunity to acquire Shanghai postal history in one go. 

In the Hong Kong, Macao, Canton, Siam & Foreign session, there are a variety of rare Macau maritime postmarks through Portuguese Crown “Pago em Macao” postmarks to choose from. Canton mail started from 1799. Hong Kong started from the Opium War, including 12.5o perf QV covers, late fees, QV revenue proofs and specimens. 

Royal mails grace our Siam collection, followed by Straits Settlements and Hong Kong postage stamps used in Bangkok, as well as mailed cover with the first set of Siam postage stamps. Foreign postal items include greeting cards signed by the heads of state of various countries. 

In the Liberated Area section, we offer several unique covers with impeccable provenance. There is a special section on the Cultural Revolution, including complete collection of Cultural Revolution covers, Mao Zedong badges, old photographs, old books and other cultural relics. Major rarities including Sunburst at Tian An Men and Large Format the Whole Country is Red. 

With so many goodies, would you be enticed to attend our summer auction in person? 

艾華夏拍 先睹爲快



  • 大龍與小龍
  • 北洋政府時期紀念郵票
  • 日佔中國僞政權郵政史
  • 上海客郵與上海工部書信舘
  • 粵港澳暹罗與外國
  • 大清、民國、新中國




1863年,上海工部成立書信舘,書信舘使用的第一枚郵戳,刻上“SHANGHAI / LOCAL / POST OFFICE”,原來記錄只有兩件實寄封存世,我們這件更早!另一件1879年3月4日鎭江寄上海福利公司西式封,封面貼大龍薄紙叁分銀票一枚,是海關大龍與上海工部書信舘最早混貼封,也是鎮江最早大龍封,和最早使用3分銀内地郵資的實寄封。其他書信舘實寄封,也不容小覷! 



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