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Summer 2023 Sales Special Features: 1905 MENCARINI PRESENTATION PROOFS | 夏拍拍品介紹:綿嘉義印樣

【Summer 2023 Sales Special Features: 1905 MENCARINI PRESENTATION PROOFS】

Large Dragon 1ca., 3ca. and 5ca. in sheetlets of four printed in deep blue-black on thicker wove paper. Imperf., ungummed. Fine and rare, only two sets of sheetlets remain intact.

Mr Juan Mencarini was a member of the Statistical Department of the Customs Office in Shanghai. In 1905, he discovered in a department safe some clichés which be made into blocks of four stamps for each denomination and was given permission to make some impressions. He printed three sheets of each value. Only two sets of complete sheets are known, the other set being in the Starr collection, and there must be four sets of singles.





Sir Percival David, July 1970 大衛德爵士

Warren G. Kauder, November 1971

Meiso Mizuhara, January 2016 水原明窗

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