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Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: Rare 1888 Macao Matter Red Band Cover | 秋拍拍品介紹:1888年澳門珍罕之印刷品郵資

【Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: Rare 1888 Macao matter red band cover】

1888 (12 Jun) Macao local. Printed matter red band cover, f.w. Luis I 5r, tied by Macao double-ringed cds without crown. With printed content on fund donation for fire and typhoon. Extremely scarce printed matter cover. An exhibition item. Illustration in “Historia e Desenvolvemento dos Correios e das Telecomunicacoes de Macau” Vol. 2 p.164 fig. 47A by Luis Virgilio de Brito Frazao.


1888.6.12 澳門本埠。印刷品郵資紅條封,貼路易士一世5厘士,銷澳門雙圈無皇冠日戳廣州英局。附有印刷內容,旨在為火災及風災籌款。極為珍罕之印刷品郵資例子,郵展級別藏品。范笙祿著《澳門郵政與電訊的歷史和發展》第二卷第164頁第47A號圖例。

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