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Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: NUMBER ONE COVER OF NEW CHINA | 秋拍拍品介紹:新中國第一封

【Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: NUMBER ONE COVER OF NEW CHINA】

The first set of stamps carrying inscription CHINA PEOPLE’S POST with national circulation, commemorating the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which declared the founding of the People’s Republic. Picturing the venue of its First General Meeting, it was issued on 8 October 1949 but no first-day usage from Peking is known. This cover is the earliest usage from Peking, with additional cachet celebrating the Founding of the Central People’s Government.

1949 (Oct 10) Postcard f.w. C1 Political Conference complete set, tied by scarce “Celebrate the Founding of Central Government / Peking” commemorative h.s, alongside with Peking (Express) cds. C1 was the first commemorative issue of PRC, issued on 8 Oct 1949 (7 days after the establishment of PRC). This example was dated only 2 days later. An extraordinary early usage of C1 issues, being very close to first day, not to mention being used by scarce postmark.


1)紀1是第一套帶「中華人民郵政」銘文、全國通用的新中國郵票。 2)其主題“中國人民政治協商會議第一次全體會議”, 根據其決議成立中華人民共和國,定都北京,北京是發行原地。 3)本套郵票1949.10.8發行,從未見過北京原地首日封,本 件是最接近發行日期的。 4)紀念戳記「慶祝中央人民政府成立紀念.北京」畫龍點睛;5)1949.10.10適值前朝國慶,不經意揭示了歷史的碰撞!

1949.10.10 明信片貼紀1政治協商會議全,銷珍罕之“慶祝中央人民政府成立紀念 / 北京”紀念日戳,旁鈐北京(快)日戳。紀1為新中國首套紀念票,於1949年10月8日發行,即新中國成立七日之後。此例蓋銷日期僅為發行2日之後,乃極早之紀1 貼用例子,與首日相當接近,更遑論蓋銷珍貴難得之紀念日戳。

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