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Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: MONGOLIA TO TIBET MAIL | 秋拍拍品介紹:蒙古寄西藏紅條封

【Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: MONGOLIA TO TIBET MAIL】

1911 Urga (29 Apr) to Gyantse. Red band cover, f.w. Coiling Dragon 10c on reverse, tied by Mongolia Urga lunar year cds. Transit Peking (10 May), Shanghai (17 May), Hong Kong (22 May), Calcutta (5 Jun), Base Office (10 Jun). Arrived Gyantse British PO (14 Jun). One of the two covers from Mongolia to Tibet during that period. Highly unusual. The cover was opened out for display. Illustration fig. 22 p. 163 in “Tibet Stamps and Postal History” by Danny Wong and Steve Chazen.


1911.4.29 庫倫寄江孜。紅條封,背貼蟠龍1角,銷蒙古庫倫三格干支日戳。5.10經北京,5.17經上海,5.22經香港,6.5經加爾各答,6.10經英國軍郵局。6.14抵江孜英局。由蒙古寄西藏的兩件實寄封之一,相當難得。此封被剖開以作展示。王劍智及蔡盛著《青康藏郵驛史》第163頁第22號原件。

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