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Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: Customs Tamsuy | 秋拍拍品介紹:淡水海關封

【Autumn 2023 Sales Special Features: Customs Tamsuy】

1882 Customs Tamsuy (21 Mar) to Ireland, bearing scarce Customs Tamsuy cds in red. Transit Customs Amoy (24 Mar) with cds in red. F.w. Hong Kong QV 10c in pair, tied by A1 obliterator, alongside with Amoy BPO (24 Mar) cds. Transit Hong Kong (26 Mar). Arrived Ireland (May). Remarkable example from Customs Tamsuy. With BPA COA. Illustration fig 29-3 p.233 in “Customs Dater (1875-1913)”.  


1882.3.21 淡水海關寄愛爾蘭,鈐珍罕之淡水海關紅色日戳。3.24經廈門海關,同樣鈐紅色日戳。貼香港維多利亞女皇像10仙雙連,銷A1殺手戳,旁蓋廈門英局3.24日戳。3.26經香港。5月抵愛爾蘭。除BPA保真證書。精彩萬分之淡水海關封。《海關日戳(1875-1913)》第233頁29-3號原件。

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