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Please be advised of the following corrections and changes to the auction catalog: 


Lot 259 is withdrawn from sales。

拍品259號: 已撤拍。

Lot 427 is withdrawn from sales。

拍品427號: 已撤拍。

Lot 463  is withdrawn from sales.

拍品463號: 已撤拍.

Lot 1009  is withdrawn from sales.

拍品1009號: 已撤拍。

Lot 1275  is withdrawn from sales。

拍品1275號: 已撤拍。

Lot 1380  is withdrawn from sales.

拍品1380號: 已撤拍.

Lot 2393  is withdrawn from sales.

拍品2393號: 已撤拍。

Estimates of Lot 2654 has been corrected to HK$ 10,000-HK$ 20,000.

拍品2654的估價已更改為HK$ 10,000 – HK$ 20,000

Description of Lot 386 has been corrected to “1880-1890s a group of 27 Horse and Dragon and Black Flag Republic fantasy issues, suitable for reference and study”.


Description of Lot 475 has been corrected to “1946 Kaohsiung (15 Apr) to Customs Shanghai. Airmail registered “ON SERVICE” cover, f.w. Japanese stamps ovpt. “ROC Taiwan Province” $1 + 2x 30s on reverse, tied by Kaohsiung cds, matching with registered label on front. Arrived Shanghai (21 Apr).

拍品475的說明已更正為「1946.4.15 高雄寄上海海關。航空掛號郵政公事封,背貼日本票加蓋“中華民國臺灣省”1圓 + 2x 30錢,銷高雄日戳,正貼掛號標籤。4.21抵上海」。

Description of Lot 476 has been corrected to “1946 Kaohsiung (26 Apr) to Customs Shanghai. Airmail registered “ON SERVICE” cover, f.w. Japanese stamps ovpt. “ROC Taiwan Province” 2x 10s + 40s + 2x 50s on reverse, tied by Kaohsiung cds, matching with registered label on front. Arrived Shanghai (1 May) ).

拍品476的說明已更正為「1946.4.26 高雄寄上海海關。航空掛號郵政公事封,背貼日本票加蓋“中華民國臺灣省” 2x 10錢 + 40錢 + 2x 50錢,銷高雄日戳,正貼掛號標籤。5.1抵上海」。

Description of Lot 606 has been corrected to “1903 Internal Postal Memo within the Ministry of War for deliveries of mails to Mongolia, addressing to Uliyansutai, Kobdo etc. Bottom right corner detached.


Description of Lot 2031 has been corrected to “1904 Swatow (24 May) to Germany. CIP PSC 2nd Print, reply portion of double card, uprated by Coiling Dragon 1c + 2c, tied by Swatow bisected bilingual cds. In combination with Hong Kong KEVII 4c, tied by IPO tie-print. Arrived Gemany (30 Jun). Examples of IPO tie-print from Swatow BPO are rather scarce”.

拍品2031的說明已更正為「1904.5.24 汕頭寄德國。大清第二版郵資明信片,雙片之回片,加貼蟠龍1分 + 2分,銷汕頭半切漢英日戳。加貼香港愛德華七 世像4仙,銷IPO騎縫戳。6.30抵德國。出自汕頭英局之IPO騎縫戳例子頗為難得」。

Description of Lot 2108 has been corrected to “ca 1940s ROC Post registered mail receipt bearing Hoshunsiang Mail Box tombstone cancel”.


Description of Lot 2150 has been corrected to “1946 Lhasa to Nepal, f.w. Tibet 3rd issue 2x 1/2t + 2x 1t on reverse, in total of domestic registered rate, tied by Lhasa type T42 d.s. In combination with Indian KGVI 1-1/2a on front , tied by Pharijong BPO (7 Mar) cds. The cover was opened out for display”.

拍品2150的說明已更正為「1946年拉薩寄尼泊爾,背貼西藏獅圖第三版2x 半章噶 + 2x 1章噶,合國內掛號郵資3章噶,銷拉薩type T42戳記。正面另貼印度佐治六世像1-1/2a,銷帕里宗英局3.7日戳。此封被剖開以作展示」。

Description of Lot 2172 has been corrected to “1936 Hsuchang (24 Sep) to Tanganyika Territory. Registered airmail cover, f.w. airmail issue 90c + Martyrs 10c + 1c in pair + Reaper 16c on reverse, tied by Honan Hsuchang cds. Transit Shanghai (26 Sep), Nairobi (21 Oct), Tabora (21 Oct), Dodoma (22 Oct). Arrived Kinyangiri (24 Oct). Very rare destination of British colony in East Africa ”.

拍品2172的說明已更正為「1936.9.24 許昌寄坦干伊加。航空掛號封,背貼航空票9角 + 烈士1角 + 1分雙連 + 農穫圖1角6分,銷河南許昌三格 點線日戳。9.26經上海,10.21經Nairobi,10.21經 Tabora,10.22經Dodoma。10.24抵Kinyangiri。極為少見 之英屬東非目的地」。

Description of Lot 2281 has been corrected to “1934 Chefoo (14 Jun) to New Guinea, f.w. SYS 5x 5c, tied by Chefoo bilingual cds. Transit Hong Kong (22 Jun). Very scarce destination”.

拍品2281的說明已更正為「1934.6.14 煙台寄新幾內亞領地,貼孫像5x 5分,銷煙台三格英漢日戳。6.22經香港。非常少見之目的地。」。

Description of Lot 2295 has been corrected to “1922 Bulgaria to Amoy. Registered cover, f.w. Bulgarian issue 50st + 1L + 5L, tied by Sophia cds, alongside with registered mark. Arrived Amoy (27 Jan). Very scarce origin”.

拍品2295的說明已更正為「1922年保加利亞寄廈門。掛號封,貼保加利亞票50st + 1L + 1L,銷索菲亞日戳,旁鈐掛號章。1.27抵廈 門。少見之始發地」。

Description of Lot 2246 has been corrected to “1920s a group of 3 Chekiang and Moukden revenue stamps, former Yue Fei Temple issue 2x 1c ovpt. “HangchowChamber of Commerce” and “August / For Bonds Only / No Other Use”. Latter City Gate Tower 2c stamp ovpt. “RevenueTax Office”. Two stamps hinged”.

拍品2246的說明已更正為「1920年代浙江及奉天印花稅票一組三枚,前者為岳王廟圖2x 1分,分別加蓋“杭州商會”及“八月 / 專貼債券 / 不作別用”字樣。後者為城樓圖2分,加蓋“印花稅處”字樣。當中兩枚背貼」。

Description of Lot 2248 has been corrected to “1935 Imitative US print Yunnan Great Wall revenue stamp 1c and 2c, MNH in excellent condition. F-VF”.


Description of Lot 2249 has been corrected to “1935 Imitative US print Yunnan Great Wall revenue stamp 2x 2c in different shades, ovpt placename “洱源” (Eryuan). MNH in excellent condition. F-VF”.


Description of Lot 2319 has been corrected to “1939 Czechoslovakia (24 Aug) to Shanghai. Airmail cover, f.w. Czechoslovakia issue x11, tied by Dolní Kalná cds. Transit Prague with circular h.s. Further transit Bangkok (30 Aug). Arrived Shanghai (7 Sep). Rare origin. Transit at Bangkok is also scarce”.

拍品2319的說明已更正為「1939年捷克斯洛伐克寄上海。航空封,貼捷克斯洛伐克票共 十一枚,銷Dolní Kalná日戳。經布拉格,鈐圓戳。8.30經曼 谷。9.7抵上海。始發地頗為少見,經曼谷中轉更是稀罕」。

Description of Lot 2373 has been corrected to “1894 King Chulalongkorn surch 1a/64a in block of 4 (SG45/c, SG47). Both block MNH. F-VF”.

拍品2373的說明已更正為「1894年朱拉隆功像改值1a蓋64a新票四方連(SG45/c, SG47),兩件方連均無貼上品」。

Description of Lot 2437 has been corrected to “1920-1930s a group of 4 Bangkok to USA covers and uprated postal stationery, f.w. King Prajadhipok, King Bhumibol, airmail issue and other issues, tied by Bangkok cds, showcasing various registered labels, cachet, transit and arrivals. Please view”.


Description of Lot 2590 has been corrected to “1950 Hwaki (22 Jul) to USA. Chinese style cover, f.w. Marching of PLA $100 + $200 in pair + surch $500/$100 in pair + Tiananmen issue $800 in pair on reverse, tied by Kweichow Hwaki cds. Transit Canton (12 Aug). Liberated Area issues were withdrawn from circulation on 31 Aug 1950”.

拍品2590的說明已更正為「1950.7.22 花溪寄美國。中式封,背貼進軍圖100元 + 200元雙連 + 加蓋500元蓋100元雙連 + 天安門圖800元雙連,銷貴州花溪三格點線日戳。解放區票於1950年8月31日停用」。

Estimates of Lot 2693 has been corrected to HK$ 3,000-HK$ 4,000 and description has been corrected to “1982 T70 Year of the Dog in 2 complete sheets of 80, in total of 160 stamps. MNH with original gum. F-VF“.

拍品2693的估價已更改為HK$ 3,000 – HK$ 4,000及說明已更正為「1982年T70狗年版票80枚新,合2版共160枚。原膠無貼,上品」。

Page 43 of lot number 2016 has been correct to 2106.


Lot number of  3736 has been correct to 2736.


Image of Lot 922 has been corrected.

拍品 922 圖片已更正。

Image of Lot 1342 has been corrected.

拍品 1342 圖片已更正。

Image of Lot 2253 has been corrected.

拍品 2253 圖片已更正。

Image of Lot 2375 has been corrected.

拍品 2375 圖片已更正。

Lot1212 corner damage.  

拍品 1212 的邊角有損。

All of the above are now corrected in the website. 

Ava Auctions, 9 November 2023 艾華拍賣 2023.11.9

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